1024 641 Jim Fouch

Electric Sub-Meter for Rental Units

Understanding Tenant Energy Use Managing a multi-residential building with one electric meter can be a headache. Ideally, you want a separate electric sub-meter for rental…

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729 547 Seth Terry

Welcome to Your New Vue Whole Home Energy Monitor!

So, you have just successfully installed a new Vue in your home. Or maybe you are still learning more. Either way: Welcome to Emporia Energy!…

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Photo of an installed Emporia Vue whole home best value home energy monitor
1024 719 Seth Terry

The World’s Best Value Energy Monitor

A major milestone now allows purchase of the best value home energy monitor for a mere $49.99, making energy insight and savings available to all!

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1024 481 Jim Fouch

The Emporia Smart Energy Home System

The transition to clean energy is well underway! Energy generation through solar and wind are higher than ever. Our cars are becoming electrified. Soon, we…

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865 472 Jim Fouch

4 Smart Home Devices that Pay for Themselves

Since the first contemporary smart home devices hit the market in 1998, the technology has continued to expand at a rapid rate. Now, it would…

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865 472 Jim Fouch

Why an Energy Monitor is Your Next Smart Home Device

It’s become second nature for us to ask Alexa to order a pizza. Or we ask Google Assistant to turn up the volume on our…

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EZVid top ranking
865 567 Seth Terry

EZVid Ranks the Vue as the Top Mid-Range Monitor

Emporia loves top rankings like this one from EZVid wiki. Still, our most important reviews come from our customers, for whom we strive for perfection.

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Go Green Radio Jill Buck Interview and Podcast
750 449 Seth Terry

Go Green Radio Podcast

Recently Jill Buck of Go Green Radio hosted Emporia’s Head of Customer Experience, Seth Terry, to discuss the company’s flagship product, the Vue.

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Emporia Energy displaying and presenting at CEDIA Expo 2019
1024 768 Seth Terry

Emporia Energy at CEDIA 2019

Emporia Energy CEO Shawn McLaughlin explaining the Vue platform at the CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver. From September 12th to the 14th, Emporia Energy attended…

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Image of a wooden stake to encourage energy consumers to avoid vampire loads
1024 683 Seth Terry

Save Money by Avoiding Vampire Loads

The abundance of electronics on which we now rely may extract a significant unknown cost. Learn about the scale of Vampire Loads — and how to avoid them.

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Image app interface for the Vue Expansion Module to welcome new users
473 1024 Seth Terry

Welcome to the Vue Expansion Module

Emporia Energy wishes proudly to welcome you to the Vue Expansion Module! These helpful hints let you get the most from the platform.

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