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Emporia Energy at Rocky Mountain Green 2019

Sponsorship of Rocky Mountain Green 2019 highlights the commitment by Emporia Energy to green building practices and the goals of USGBC.

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Introducing Emporia Vue: a Smart Home Energy Management System

Emporia has built a tech platform that benefits both consumers and independent business owners. Learn how we make the connection between these groups in this post.

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How to Offset Carbon Easily Using the Emporia Vue

Awareness around climate change compels many to reduce carbon impact. The Emporia Vue helps you measure and offset carbon easily!

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Devices for Gathering Electricity Data in Real Time

What is the market for devices that can monitor electricity data in real time? Learn about current offerings — as well as two versatile new entrants.

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Current Market Best Bets for Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats increasingly prevail on the current market. See Emporia’s best bets and how the Vue IoT platform boosts their savings performance.

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A Bold Energy Challenge: The Path to 50% Savings

As our energy economy transitions evermore towards new technology, we set our sights high for saving money!

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Don’t Waste What You Can’t Measure: Three Ways to Manage Home Electricity Use

As much as we hate wasting energy, few of us have access to the real-time data that helps manage against that waste. Learn about the best ways to bring usage data all the way to your phone!

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Explaining Units and CO2 Emissions Equivalents from Emporia’s App Home Page

Simple math provides a strong tool for explaining units and CO2 emissions for annual household energy use. Use this tool to reduce your carbon impact!

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Navigating the Latest Energy Transition

The energy landscape in the US is changing rapidly — and not for the first time. Understanding this context helps us all with the transition.

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Consumer Challenges in Energy Management

Consumers face confusion and challenges in energy management. Gain insight and learn about strategies for saving money in the upcoming energy transition.

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Utility Meters

Utilities place meters in our homes for their billing benefit. But advents in technology mean that we consumers could also benefit. Learn how!

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