Gain insight and control over your home

by turning it into an Emporia Smart Energy Home

 Save Money

 Conserve Energy

 Reduce Carbon

Gain Insight and Control over your Home

Take control of your home

  • Save money
  • Conserve energy
  • Reduce carbon

Understand your energy

  • Actual energy costs
  • Real-time usage by appliance
  • Environmental impact

Valuable insights

  • Actionable savings recommendations
  • 24/7 monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Alerts when electrical issues arise

Simple and easy

  • Straightforward installation
  • Effortless setup
  • Clear, meaningful insight


The average American can save $40 to $174 per year on average just by installing Emporia. Then, based on location, usage and home characteristics, savings can reach up to $670 annually by letting Emporia help you navigate the energy transition.

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4) US Energy Information Administration – 2017 average US monthly electric bill was $111.67

The Emporia Smart Energy Home

Homeowners lack insight and control over their homes – leading to frustration, wasted energy, lost money, and increased pollution. Emporia helps homeowners gain insight and control over their homes by turning their homes into Smart Energy Homes. The Emporia Smart Energy Home System provides clear, meaningful analysis of energy use and actionable recommendations that save money, conserve energy, and reduce carbon.


The Emporia Smart Energy Home System installs easily to help you understand and control your home energy use through a simple iOS or Android app.

In select markets, connect Emporia to smart meters wirelessly*

But we also offer a universal solution that connects directly to circuit breaker panels

Once set up, we get right to work. The Emporia Smart Energy Home System:

  • Sends real-time data to the cloud
  • Analyzes the data with deep learning
  • Presents data, analysis, and actionable recommendations through the Emporia app

* Emporia can wirelessly connect to smart meters from some utilities in CA, HI, IL, PA, TX, and VT