Emporia Has the Battery for Your Needs

Emporia has partnered with Electriq and Soluna to bring you a range of home batteries to help you store energy from your solar panels, grid power, or a diesel generator. Use the stored energy during high demand or sell it back to grid in troughs time.

Solar customers qualify for a 26% Investment Tax Credit!

Soluna Power Bank

Prices do not include shipping, permitting or installation.

Technical Specs

Soluna S8 Soluna S12
Price: $6,900 $8,400
Price After ITC: $5,106 $6,216
AC Power:  6000 W 6000W / 8000W
Capacity: 7.68 kWh 11.5 kWh
Max Charge/Discharge:  120 A 150 A
Battery Modules: 2 3
AC Voltage: 120VAC & 240VAC
PV MPPT Voltage:  120-450 VDC
Battery Type: Lithium (LFP)
Battery Voltage:  51.2 VDC
DOD:  90%
HDMI Interface:  7″ LCD
Operating Temperature:  -10° to 45°C / 14°F to 113°F
Certification Pack:  Cell: UL1642
System: Refer to UN38.3, UL1973,and IEC62619 design UL9540, EN 62477-1

Electriq PowerPod

Prices do not include shipping, permitting or installation.

Technical Specs

  PowerPod 13.4 PowerPod 20.2 PowerPod 27
Price: $9,900 $12,400 $14,900
Price After ITC: $7,326 $9,176 $11,026
Battery Capacity: 13.5 kWh 20,2 kWh 27 kWh
Usable Capacity: 11.4 kWh 17.1 kWh 22.9 kWh
Output Power – Continuous: 4 kW 5.5 kW 5.5 kW
Output Power – Instant: 7 kW
Charge Rate: 60 A
Inverter Size: 5.5 kW
Max Solar Per Inverter: 6.5 kW
Coupling: DC
Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 C
Compliances:  UL 1741SA, UL 1973, UL 1642, CSA C22.2, IEEE 1547A, IEEE 1547.1, FCC Class B, HECO

How a Home Battery System Works

Solar systems are a great way to reduce energy costs, but unfortunately the sun doesn’t produce energy at night when you consume the most. Home batteries can store electricity from your solar system and from the grid. They will do this when energy is cheapest during peak solar and wind production times. Then, the electricity stored in your home battery is used during high demand times when rates are the most expensive.

Home Batteries Provide:

  • Clean, renewable energy – No pollution!
  • Free energy when harvesting power from solar
  • Guaranteed safety with the latest LFP technology
  • Independence from power grid

A Home Battery System Stores Energy for When You Need It

  • Store energy into built-in battery – Energy source can be Solar panel, grid power, diesel generator
  • Store energy from grid in peak time – Use energy or sell energy back to grid in troughs time
  • Harvest energy from Solar panels for house load, back to grid, or charging
  • Switch to battery power within 10 ms during outage
  • Pure off grid function – Can be used for remote area with Solar panels