How the Vue Energy Monitor Works

The Emporia Vue energy monitor and Expansion Module install easily in your electrical panel.  There the system protects your home’s health by helping you manage energy use and solar generation while making your home more energy efficient through a simple iOS or Android app.

The Vue installs inside your home’s breaker box

  • Installs in nearly any US home with a split-phase 120/240V electrical system (if you live in Southern California, please review our installation guide and inspect your electrical panel for compatibility)
  • Includes detailed DIY instructions, but most homeowners choose to use an electrician

The Vue connects to the cloud via your Wi-Fi network

  • Monitors electricity use and generation 24/7
  • Collects granular, 1-second energy usage data
  • Tracks how much energy is being used by important appliances and equipment or how much is generated and sent back to the grid
  • Sends data securely over your Wi-Fi to the Emporia Cloud where we perform calculations and analysis

The Vue sends energy info and recommendations to your phone