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At Emporia we’re truly excited about our smart home technology.  This platform will disrupt the energy market – giving homeowners insight and peace of mind by preventing costly repairs, making homes more energy efficient, and saving you money in the process.  Nothing short of a revolution! But every revolution starts small and we need your help!

While working hard to develop our Smart Home Energy Management Solution — Emporia Vue, we have many ideas for the new features and we’d love your feedback on which ones are most important to you. Please fill out the survey below and rate the features that you’d like to see next.

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Rate the importance of our future features

The launch of the Vue and Expansion Module just represents the beginning of the amazing features that Emporia will bring to the Smart Energy Home. To join the Smart Energy Home revolution, please fill out the survey below and let us know which of our planned future features interest you the most.

Emporia will identify or assist you in identifying the appliances and electronics in your home and how much energy and money each uses every month.
Emporia will analyze rate plans available in your area and recommend the most cost-efficient plan based on your historical usage.
Emporia will connect to smart devices in your home to automate energy use depending on real-time energy costs and environmental impact.
Emporia will monitor your home and appliances 24/7 and warn when problems arise. You can also be notified of goals and conditions you set.
Emporia can show how your savings and usage compare to neighbors and friends.
Emporia will determine the source of of your energy in real time and show how dirty or clean that energy is and how it impacts the environment.
Emporia will determine the cost of your energy in real-time and present cost and savings with up-to-the-minute accuracy.
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