Utility Meters

Utility Meters

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Depending on location, most of us reside behind at least one utility meter. Such meters measure resources flowing into our homes: water, natural gas, and electricity.  And although we benefit from the resources, these gate-keepers nonetheless exist not so much for us as for the billing utility.  In fact, we don’t own and can’t even modify these meters, typically mounted outside.  As a result, we likely consider utility meters as a necessary evil. If we consider them at all!

Technology Changes for Utility Meters

Unsurprisingly, technology is changing today’s landscape for utility meters. Nowhere is this more apparent than for electricity.  Decades ago, utilities exchanged mechanical meters (and their legions of human “readers”) for units sending one-way radio signals readable from a truck. These “AMR” meters provided clear labor savings to utilities. Now, we see more than 79 million new, two-way meters (known as “AMI” meters) installed across the US. These so-called “smart” meters allow utilities to diagnose problems and cut off service remotely. Without even rolling a truck. They also permit utilities to modify charges in real time based upon time-of-use or other tariff plans. Click here for a more detailed description of AMR vs. AMI meters.

Who Benefits from Utility Meters?

So far, utilities arguably have benefited most from legacy meters and smart meters. Still, requesting hourly data may boost consumer knowledge around energy use.  However, the 24- to 72-hour delay in delivery limits using this data as a tool for decreasing energy costs. 

How YOU Can Benefit!

Emporia Energy believes that all consumers should have access to their data. Further, they should see this data in real time and whether or not they have smart meters. And that with this data, they should benefit from savings. These savings may occur through conservation, efficiency, tariff selection, and other methods.  Regardless, in this spirit of data transparency, Emporia designed the Emporia Vue. Thanks to two hardware options, the Vue can operate in both smart-meter and legacy settings. All in the name of helping consumers save money, conserve energy, and reduce carbon.

Two Easy Steps

1) Try Emporia’s Software

Emporia’s app is now live on both the App Store and Google Play. We encourage users to download a demo version of this app and to provide feedback. Please feel free to suggest new capabilities or features!

2) Reserve Your Discount on the Emporia Vue

We have built prototypes and initiated testing. We have further undertaken steps to deliver our first hardware in Q2 2019.

To encourage early interest, Emporia offers a 75% discount coupon to those who register prior to the end of Q2. And no obligation, though we are confident you will want to use it.

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