Smart Meter Connection Unavailable

Currently, the Vue: Utility Connect can only connect to AMI Smart Meters through:

We’re working on further support in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont. As well as Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

If your state or province is not listed, your utility may not have AMI Smart Meters that currently support connection with The Emporia Vue: Utility Connect. If you believe that you have a ZigBee® enabled AMI Smart Meter, feel free to contact us or your electric company to see if they’ll allow a connection from the Emporia Vue. Otherwise, you still have an option!

There’s still a VUE for You!

The original Emporia Vue Whole Home is a great alternative if you can’t connect to an AMI Smart Meter. It installs in nearly any US home with a split-phase 120/240V electrical system. The Vue for circuit panels offers more granular data sampling than the Vue with ZigBee®, it can monitor solar generation and net metering, and it has the ability to monitor up to 8 individual circuits with the addition of the Vue Expansion Module. Check out how the Vue for circuit panels works.

VUE is right for YOU!