Using Your Vue

We at Emporia Energy welcome you to using your Vue.  We look forward to helping you become comfortable with your Vue and the Emporia App.  The platform exists for you to save money, energy, and carbon while also protecting your home’s activities and equipment.  Browse articles and (soon) videos here to learn about what you can do now that your home has a Vue!

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Welcome to Your New Vue Whole Home Energy Monitor!

So, you have just successfully installed a new Vue in your home. Or maybe you are still learning more. Either way: Welcome to Emporia Energy!…

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865 472 Jim Fouch

Why an Energy Monitor is Your Next Smart Home Device

It’s become second nature for us to ask Alexa to order a pizza. Or we ask Google Assistant to turn up the volume on our…

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Image app interface for the Vue Expansion Module to welcome new users
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Welcome to the Vue Expansion Module

Emporia Energy wishes proudly to welcome you to the Vue Expansion Module! These helpful hints let you get the most from the platform.

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Energy Smart Home Energy Management Solutions
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Introducing the Gen 2 Emporia Vue: a Smart Home Energy Management Solution

Emporia has built a tech platform that benefits both consumers and independent business owners. Learn how we make the connection between these groups in this post.

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How to Offset Carbon Easily Using the Emporia Vue

Awareness around climate change compels many to reduce carbon impact. The Emporia Vue helps you measure and offset carbon easily!

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