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“Great product. Amazing value. Easy to setup and use.”


“Easy install and great app. Perfect for our RV unit.”

Joseph S.

“Great value for the price. The cost is the biggest plus for this system. It’s by far the cheapest system I could find that still me my needs. If you are comfortable going into your electrical panel the installation was pretty easy.”


“Great tool to save money. So far so good. I can see savings instantly of $25 per month so pays for itself very quickly.”


“Works very well and it is simple to use and install. The instructions show you how to connect everything inside the electrical panel but, the equipment can be mounted outside and feed through into the panel. The instructions don’t show this.”

Miguel R.

“It works! Nice and relatively easy to install sensor for monitoring your electric usage in real-time. There isn’t much of a point for having this device, but for the price it is a novelty item that is worth having.”


“Wow! Something that does exactly what it says it does. The meter works great, the Installation was a piece a cake (I’m not an electrician), and now I know how much Money my sub panel is costing me a month :-)”


“Great product at a great price! I was actually watching a similar product that is known for giving extreme detail when I tripped across this product. All I really wanted to know was how much energy I was using so I could decide whether my current generator would run the house or if I needed a bigger one. The price was so good I bought the 8 port expansion unit with it for a total of about $99. It was easy to install and took less than 30 minutes, including reading the instructions. So far, I’ve learned that my generator will run the house without the AC unit and the Dryer. Turns out, on the Medium heat setting, my dryer uses full power for 1 minute and then off for 1 minute and cycles that about 20 times. I would not have known that without this device. I’m so pleased with the unit that I bought a second one for a vacation home. I may need to run my generator there due to frequent storms. I normally don’t do these reviews but I’m really excited about this product and it’s price is amazing.”


“Easy to install with tons of cool features. Excellent customer support as well. Highly recommended. The installation of the Emporia Vue and Expansion was really smooth. Emporia included everything I needed to DIY the install including the Wago connector to splice in power from an existing breaker to the Vue. The Emporia Energy App and customer service were awesome too. I bought this unit because I am trying to track down some phantom power use at home, and the 8 clamps are really helpful. I can compare the actual monthly bill with what my electricity provider charges too. The pricing on the Vue offers so much value for what we are getting. In the Emporia App, I like that I can view my homes overall power usage from the CT clamps on the main. Also, I can see in more granular detail from the 8 smaller CT clamps for individual circuit use. The App has different unit view options like watts being used per hour, or dollars being used. I can customize the naming for each CT clamp too. The App is in development and their dev team is working on implementing customer feedback. Amps will be added as a unit, a multi unit graph, 2 phase app enablement to save on CTs and other improvments are on the way. Thank you Dev team! I called into support, and I talked with a real person in the USA who knew the product inside and out. Not only this, Emporia’s tech support was connected with their engineering to help me get up and running within a minute of the call. Their support was responsive and helpful. Overall, I highly recommend the Emporia Vue for its features, ease of install, app and development team. FYI, 10/28/19 (this may be fixed by the time you read this) if you can’t see the Expansion Module in your app, but the wire connection is fully seated and a faint green light is flashing on the expansion, then you may need a firmware update. The green light is pretty faint, but it should be blinking if the connection is successful. I had this issue and called in to customer support, and an engineer there pushed a firmware update remotely to my device. Then I closed the app, reopened, and bam, I could see 8 new connections in the app. Also, the #1 is farthest from the expansion module connection to the Vue. See the attached photo.”

Amazon Customer

“Great monitor. Easy install. Bought it because one of my tenants installed an air conditioner when I charge a flat rate for utilities. Now I can show him how much is being used. In the screen shots, the first is the whole house, the second one is just my tenant’s room.”

Amazon Customer

“Works perfectly!!”


“Monitors your electrical usage at a great price. Excellent product!!!!!!!!!! You can monitor watts in real time or you can monitor a KwA rate by major city. dollar amounts are close to what your electric company is charging you I’ve had this for four months now and it works great. This does exactly what the others do at a fraction of the cost it just doesn’t have an LCD panel with pretty lights and buttons instead it works through your phone or your laptop or your iPad and monitors electricity usage in real time. So when you connect us through the Wi-Fi in your house you can monitor your electricity usage from pretty much anywhere. Excellent product.”

Phillip G.

“Love it! A must have in your home!”

Lerfio H.

“Great product zero issues! Awesome product! Easy to install and use.”

Craig W.

“Decent monitoring and awesome customer service. Had some issues and had customer service on the phone for over an hour and they worked me thru it, i didnt push the connector all the way in and also found out it wont connect to my router so i used my other router thats directly on the internet. they have awesome customer service did i say that?”


“Awesome product ! ! !  I am totally amazed at how simple this was to install and get the app on my phone working. Everything worked perfectly the first time and delivery was quick.”

Nick V.

“Great product! Easy installation, app works well, great value compared to similar products! This is a very useful gadget for those interested in their home energy use!”


“User friendly equipment and app. Very easy and quick to install. As a licensed Master Electrician in 4 New England states, I was impressed by the simplicity of the install and functionality of the App, however, unless you have an external service disconnect I would caution non-electricians to consider using one for the equipment install.”

Mark R.

“Works great. Does what it advertises that it does. There is great value in this product especially compared to competitors. The concept is solid and there is much promise for the future. I installed this myself and I believe most people will be able as well.

Cimo Technologies

“Fantastic product. Fantastic price. Clear instructions and simple to install. The 8 sensors for monitoring specific breakers are fantastic. And the price is completely unbelievable for what you get. I have thrown away my old Efergy stuff and put these on my main panel and sub panel. Absolutely recommend.”

Tim W.

“Great power monitoring system at the reasonable price. The installation and setup was easy to do and application allows to see power use through the main breaker and 8 other circuits. All is in real time with average values shown in hourly, daily and weekly bar charts. I would definitely recommend it.”

Alex J.

“Your product has already paid for itself several times over. Just within the first couple of days, the information provided to me from Vue helped me to narrow down and identify problems in my house that were causing me to have huge power bills. Now I know what’s going on the the power in my house. I can stop wondering and start fixing. I’ll definitely be installing this in all my 😊 I’m going to be installing Vue in all my properties. It’s a no brainer!”

Tony K.

“Does the same thing and is a lot less expensive than the other one! I have to monitor a fiber shed that we attach to various customers power so that we can monitor the usage then reimburse the customer for the power we used. Emporia was a home run with its low cost compared to the other guys. If you have basic knowledge of the main power box it will be super simple for you to install it. Please do not attempt to install this if you do not know what you are doing. Call an electrician because you could be electrocuted by doing something wrong.”

Doug C.

“This is easily the best money I’ve spent on a gadget in a long while. I nearly didn’t buy this, because when using the demo software, there’s no button for exporting data, so I assumed that it wasn’t possible. But oh, it is. There’s an export to CSV right in the menu, which took this from “I think this will be kind of useful” to “fantastic” really quick. Hardware Very well built for the price-point, they gave a number of different options for mounting inside or outside the breaker panel (I chose to put it in a junction box outside the panel, for neatness.) There’s an antenna extension the plunks right into a knock-out in th epanel, along with a power extension with a Wago just in case you might need it. The main unit is a circuit board in a plastic case, pretty normal fare, the sensors connect by regular mini “phono” plugs. Not over engineered, uses tried and true connecting methods, I like it. Installation: The install was super fast, I first just plugged it all up, as I wasn’t sure if I’d be keeping it, which took maybe 3 minutes total. Neatening it all up once I decided I’d be keeping it around took maybe 10 to 15 minutes total. If you’re on the outskirts of your WIFI coverage as I am, try setting up the app before you install anything permanently. The first place I put the antenna couldn’t get adequate signal and I had to move it. Second location is rock solid though. The App It’s basic– nothing super fancy here, but really what you want is to see the data, which you can, and quickly. The update is pretty immediate. If you need to analyze the data, dump it out and use another tool. Happily, the app supports dumping a CSV right from the app. Overall, the effect it has is great– it lets you see what you’re currently pulling for power, yes, but even better, you can then walk around, turning stuff on or off and get an idea of what’s really zapping the electricity. Through this, I discovered that the blower fan on my furnace takes a ridiculous amount of current. There were a few other surprises in the house as well. I’ll definitely be ordering the expansion, you might as well do so from the start. Being able to see accurate usage from the high draw circuits could be very useful, and now that I know the device is good, I can’t wait to start measuring more.”

Jeremy C.

“Great value for money. Got installed and seems accurate in all readings. Installation was easy and instructions were clear. For the money I dont think anyone offers a better package for monitoring multiple circuits. the software is new and does not have a ton of features. But everything I needed was there and simple to use. waiting for web based page to access from laptop. Overall very happy..

Matt P.

“Amazing and works quite well! This system is amazing, installation was relatively easy. I had a set up issue which was handled most expeditiously, and expertly on their web site chat! I love this thing, its pretty cool to be able to see what 8 branch circuits are using in kWh, and to see the whole house power usage in real time. The only tool I needed was a screwdriver to open the panel and pop out a place to insert the antenna. Took me about 20 min to physically install, then another 40 to select and clip Current Transformers on the branch circuits. It works very well. I was able to install the app on both my iPhone and iPad and log into my account. Looks like it would be easy to monitor several installations, even in different address locations with the one app and account. Seems like the best value of household power monitoring systems that I have seen. I may buy a second system for a sub panel in another garage/shop building.”


“WYSIWYG. Foolproof installation everything needed included. Thanks”

Jorge C.

“Works great! I bought this to get an idea of electricity usage at my house during peak times and when I’m not home or asleep to potentially get a solar setup. It has so far worked very well. The clamps are a little large and were hard to get around my 200amp main lines but with a little coercion I made it work. The app is simple and easy to use. It is also very, very accurate. When I turn on a device with a precise known usage it shows that draw almost exactly. In fact, it is more accurate than my kill-a-watt meter I use for testing appliances. I’d highly recommend this system.”


“Good maintenance reduces consumption. Measured consumption rate before cleaning A/C coils and saw a lower measurement after cleaning.”

Ellie S.

“It works very well.  – Easy to install. – Cheap. – Good quality.”


“Great product with no subscription costs. I recently bought an EV and switched to a time of use plan with my utility and wanted granular detail on power consumption on each circuit of my house. I didnt want to deal with a monthly subscription charge, and more importantly i wanted circuit isolated readings rather than machine learned assumptions. with this product im able to monitor 8 120v / 4 240v circuits along with my main 240v feed. software works good and if youre a data junkie, you can export your data to CSV and swim in the data lake. would highly recommend.”


“Solid price, mostly easy install, regular updates to software make it great. The install was fairly smooth. A little tight around the main leads. This product does what it says it will. It give you ‘real-time’ feedback of your energy usage. The software has gotten a couple updates since I purchased, so that is good. I have been more energy conscience since I installed it.”

Daniel K.

“Great customer service. The device was easy to install and works great.”

Amazon Customer

“Simple But Effective Real-Time Energy Monitoring. The Emporia View offers good essential real-time energy usage data. I was already receiving data from my energy provider, but the most detailed view was 1 hour at a time to a tenth of a KWh, and I had to wait until the next day to review it. This allows me to easily see the exact wattage I’m using at any given time, which makes it possible to see the immediate impact of turning something on or off. Setup was super easy, just make sure if you try the app before you buy it, that you sign out of the demo account before setting up the new one. I thought it wasn’t working for me, then realized that I couldn’t finish registration because I was still in the demo account. Definitely worth the investment to get a good insight into how you’re using the energy you pay for!”


“Tracks your energy use perfectly. I wish a product like this existed before….this device tracks our energy usage precisely and is customizable in what you want to view. It is a essential device in my mind to allow consumers to better understand their energy use which ultimately will change your behaviors and save you money in the long run.”


“Just works, Real-time, Granular, Inexpensive, Current tech. A JOY!! I can’t wait for my 8 place expansion module to arrive.”


“I had SENSE trial and moved to VUE. The main reason is cost. So what VUE does well? 1. Easy to install 2. Real-Time reporting of energy consumption”

Eli S.

“Good value. Works as advertised. This product does all that it is advertised to do. Customer service is responsive, and they are working on some new software features that will be useful.”


“Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor | Real Time 24/7 Electricity Meter : I was looking for an inexpensive solution to monitor electricity usage on an outbuilding to have a way to know and bill accordingly for usage on that building. Overwhelming amount of ways to do this, could hard wire in a meter and do the monthly math on paper, but you might miss the day you actually read the meter because of life, more math and time…. Also starting to tug around wires and disconnecting them to hard wire a meter asking for trouble on a 40 year old Zinsco power box…. Now the alternatives, using a meter of some sort with inductive pickups called “Ct’s” that clamp on the main wires… Alot less evasive then hard wiring a meter…. Prices on these Inductive meters are inexpensive to wow!! This Emporia set up falls along the lines of the other consumer grade metering solutions which lists a good comparison to other meters on the Emporia website … But bottom line it is the most inexpensive in it’s class…. You will never get the OCD accuracy like a hard wired KWh meter, but at least it gives you an idea without just guessing, or running back and fourth to the power company utility meter with everything off in the house, and turning on what is usually on in the out building and seeing KHw consumption…. Instructions are clear, easy to set up, and expanding with more CT’s up to 8 circuits to monitor is scary inexpensive compared to other systems. Do not expect spreadsheet downloads for data, for now it is android app based and very simple… Maybe in time they will develop a PC windows app… App does work on BlueStacks if you want to use it on your Windows PC or lap top which is nice, but you have to set it up on your Android Phone or tablet first. I am still trin to figure out if it uses Bluetooth all the time or just for set up, it does need a good fast WIFI connection all the time. I tried to set it up initially on Bluestacks using my Bluetooth enabled laptop, but could not get the Bluetooth ID from the Emporia device, so set it up on my Android Smartphone easily and walla, it works on my Windows laptop running Bluestacks….. If your circuit panel is indoors and protected, I would install the transmitter on the outside of the Circuit box, the power supply is meant to install this way VIA a knockout with power supply mounted on the outside of the box, but many different Circuit boxes and ways to do this, the transmitter is not weather proof, so if you end up stuffing it all in your power box, make sure your power box is sealed up good if it is an outdoor box..Also keep in mind this is all cloud based, so if this company closes down no workie no more… Lets hope they stay in business 😉 Also you could get yourself a cheap android tablet dedicated just to this App, hang it on the wall and still have less money in this system compared to the other “Guys” …… If you are concerned about Privacy, it’s just electricity monitoring, the allow location is for rates in your area for KWh cost… You can always mock your exact location in Android, which I did, but kept in the same state so prices would be spot on…..”


“It just works! These units are all you need to easily monitor your home energy usage. The ability to to track individual circuits and view all of their associated power usage (in watts or $$$) in one easy to use app is awesome! The installation was easy and the customer support is top notch!”

R. Robinson

“Awesome product and awesome customer support. I highly recommend their power monitoring product lineup. It is very cost effective and super easy to use! I can monitor all my major appliances and total home KW usage in Day Month Year, Hour Minute Second!! Awesomeness thanks!!!”

Ryan S.

“Customer support is awesome! Prompt, professional, and comprehensive.”


“Awesome simple to install system!!!Works perfect. Installation is super easy. Just follow simple color picture manual! App is great and very intuitive. They are coming out with App updates this fall to add even more functions. They will even send you CSV files of all your data if you’re a spreadsheet dork like me. 🙂 Again, the App is awesome with exact KW down to the second (real time), minute, hour, month, year. It’s awesome for the money! I got the Main System and the Add On Module and 8 CT’s so I can monitor and record individual circuit loads. Like my AC, Water Heater, Clothes Dryer, etc…!”

Amazon Customer

“Online service was great.”

Ali B

“Emporia Vue just wow, was skeptical at first. Well let’s start at the beginning. This product is half the price as the competitor that does not make ‘sense’. Easy install and only uses one 15amp breaker unlike competitors as well. Download app and create account which takes very little time. Then you are off and running. In seconds you see your kWh usage whole house and if you get the expansion modules you can monitor the precise usage of each breaker. Now I know when the kids leave all the lights on upstairs when I am downstairs. Had a very brief issue when the expansion module went live and the system bottlenecked. Customer support was wonderful and had the issue resolved and then some in no time. Great product, great company, I just love this product. Never write reviews and just had to write this for all those that are comparing energy monitors. You do not have to break the bank on the competitors ‘senseless’ product. Get the Emporia VUE! You will NOT regret your choice.”

Darin S

“Great Service. I liked the ease of installation. Just follow the set up. I had a power problem contacted customer service the called on a Sunday, I received the new power supply and reinstalled it in about 15 minutes. Customer service was outstanding.”


“Great Energy Monitor Device. The Emporia Energy Vue is a terrific energy monitor device. The installation was straight forward and the device provides an easy way to monitor the amount of energy consumption in my household. Compared to similar energy monitoring devices, the Emporia Energy Vue is a great value. I would recommend this device.”


Now I feel “in control” I had an electrician install this. Works perfectly.”

Sanford S.

“I was looking at the various watt load monitors and this one seems to be by far the best. I bought it 11 days ago and they are already introducing the extender that monitors not only the main load but allows you to monitor individual breakers. So cool. I bought this so I could load monitor our new backup generator (16kw generac) We did a whole house transfer switch and in the short time the electrician allowed me to run it (1 hr) I could not come up with the combination of devices to trip the smart management system to shed the dryer, stove and AC. I was really dissatisfied with the minimal information the generator has in their app. Basically, you see if the startup battery voltage is low or ok and you can see if the generator is running or in standy. So I did order this and a few days after I got it we had a storm that knocked out power for 3 1/2 hrs. So with a little more time to play I managed to drive the load up high enough to trip the load management, In a few seconds it went from 17kw to 4kw and I could watch it right in the app (see the picture). I had a chance to email customer support on several occasions to ask questions and they are fast on the reply and very helpful. I am waiting to order the extender so I can watch some of my larger loads and see what part they play in my electric bill. This is going to be great while running on the generator as well as running on utility power. I am very satisfied.


“Great Product”

The Cookster

“Among the energy monitors on the market, its a good value and not overpriced. I really like that it can tap into an existing circuit for power, so no more having to replace batteries (or the need for an external battery pack mounted outside of the electrical panel). The customer service is top notch — I received a response to a question within 24 hours, from someone who seemed knowledgeable about the product and its companion app.”


“Finally an easy way to double check what the Electric Utility Company Bills. I have been looking 10+ years for a reasonably priced way to double-check what the Electric Utility Company says my usage is. The install was very straight forward for me but I have formal training in electrical systems. For someone without at least the basic training, I would not suggest that they even remove the front cover of the Breaker Box.Also, be aware that this system would be much easier to install on a surface-mounted Breaker Box. The Breaker box in my house is a flush-mounted box and thus requires some thinking about how to bring the 3 wires out to the Transmitter. The system works perfectly and paired to my WiFi with no problems at all. Already I am seeing where we (my family and I) are wasting energy and running the electric bill higher than need be.”

Amazon Customer

“The “Tesla” of fuse panel energy monitors. I received mine today and it came with everything you needed for an easy install. They thought of everything in the design even a 12 gauge jumper. I like the fact you can mount entirely inside fuse panel or not as AC adapter can accommodate a 1/2″ knockout, and has knockout wifi antenna mount. Accuracy is spot on verified by my clamp on meters. Looking forward to the new upgrade expansion module for individual 120 (8) /240 (4) breakers. This unit has got it right with the individual breakers expansion because in the Sense’s case, trying to guess what a load is can be difficult and frustrating. The Emporia’s individual breaker takes the guess work out for 240V appliances. As I was exploring the help section a chat popped up and I was talking to the company in the US, I asked them to call me and they did, so customer support is as good as it gets. I’d like to see a Windows version app, but after all it just came out, give it time, and the cost is very reasonable.”

A. D.

“Best Customer Service Ever!! I actually installed in my RV to track usage hooked to my house. It’s very easy! I love the fact it streams live data. It’s also accurate and I tested it. App is great! Best part is the service, I had some issues with my install being it an RV and all. The company responded fast and we figured it all out. Very responsive, and very helpful. Works great now! I can monitor the Power literally anywhere! Neat!”

Ian T.

“This amazing device gives me the information I need to reduce my electricity bill. The Emporia Vue is awesome! Until now, I never realized how many electronic items we had in our house that were in standby mode and were still consuming electricity. I have since unplugged many of those items I don’t use on a daily basis and it has made a significant difference in our total energy consumption. This combined with the awareness it creates changed our way of thinking about our use of electricity. We leave fluorescent lights on in the garage every day as our dog goes in and out. The Emporia Vue allowed us to see just how much those garage lights are costing us per hour and we have since changed those out to LED lights. You can see immediately the reduction in energy usage. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to save on their energy costs.”

Amazon Customer

“Exactly as advertised, unbelievably easy to install! What really blew me away was the excellent customer support (I chatted before I ordered) and the incredibly easy setup with the app. It took about 30 seconds and worked flawlessly. I ordered it yesterday and it came today. Should have looked in my electrical box before ordering because there wasn’t enough room to get one of the current clamps around the main. No problemo! With a bit of fiddling I got it to work just fine.”


“It’s responsive and reads. This is similarly to Sense but will not break each item individually currently. They have something in the works very shortly. Tho I read alot that sense does have this ability it doesn’t always work and has alot of trouble with miss identification of each device. Features I wish they had currently would be push notifications. Tho when the finally push out the mutiple device feature looking at how it’s going to be done will be very very accurate compared to anything else on the market.”

S. Rorai

“Great for monitoring. Great product. Easy to setup and just works.”


“There is power [savings] in information. I have had the Emporia Vue in my home for over a month now. It has provided so much insight as to our energy consumption and what/when energy is burned needlessly. It has definitely influenced me and changed how we will consume energy in the future. This means cost savings for my home. There is power [savings] in this information! Thanks Emporia for helping me be a more informed consumer and alerting me to anomalies in my power consumption so I can fix issues proactively and change habits to save money.”

Amazon Customer

“I just wanted to say what a great job you guys are doing! I’ve purchased two Vue units so far for my family, and I’ve been telling everyone about them. Keep up the good work!”

Corey B.

“This product is amazing, it allows me to see where I can save on electric usage even when I am not home. I can’t wait to see my electric bill drop.”

P. Mayberry

“I bought this so I can monitor the electricity used by my tenants. We rent out an in-law suite above our garage, and the electrical to the unit is connected to our home’s main via a 100 amp service wire. Installing the power to the wireless transponder is incredibly easy if you know what you are doing, but I wouldn’t recommend someone unfamiliar with circuit breakers or electrical panels try to do it without a professional or someone that is familiar. They do sell a plug-in version which eliminates the need to hard-wire into the panel which is even easier. The clamp that fits around the wire of the circuit you want to track usage on is super easy to install and comes with a nice long cable. There is also an antenna included as well as an antenna extension so you can pick up a good wireless signal from your router. The App is easy to install and, though basic, provides real time and historical energy usage. I would highly recommend this product because it does exactly what it says it will do and it is easy to use.”

Amazon Customer

“This should be used in every home! After spending hours researching the intertubes for home energy monitors (HEM), I recently decided to pull the trigger on the Emporia Vue. I’ve also considered products from Sense, Efergy, Eyedro, Aeotec, Neurio, etc…, and there are many review sites that compare the attributes of these devices. So far I haven’t found a review site that also includes the Emporia Vue, perhaps because the Vue is fairly new to the market. Check out the articles (blogs) on the Emporia website if you’re even mildly curious about what home energy monitors are and why they are important for providing critical feedback about energy consumption habits. There are several studies that show installing one of these devices in your home can save around 5-15% of your energy consumption. What’s even more important is the valuable knowledge gained by using this device to better assess long-term savings through energy efficient appliances. These devices make excellent gifts to energy and environment-conscious family and friends, and they will perpetually reap the benefit of energy savings through responsible energy consumption.”

Kristal Y.

“Bringing Awareness to Electricity Use. I purchased the Emporia Vue last week and installed the product last weekend. I like most about the product is the awareness that it provides. My daughter walked around our house with the Emporia Energy App on and turned off appliances that consume electricity and observed in near real-time how turning off the device changes our total electricity usage. It has made me more conscious of how we use electricity. I think this device will pay for itself over the course of a year with the added awareness of how we use electricity.”

Stephen W.

“Simple way to monitor home’s energy consumption. Has made me mindful of my carbon footprint and also can alert us to unexpected spikes in energy use so we will know if AC/furnace are wearing out beforehand. Love it! Great value for the price!”

Tracy F.

“Good Afternoon!  I am using the app.  We went out for dinner the other night and I looked at it and something was drawing lots of power.  When we got home we discovered it was the hot tub.  It was cycling and trying to heat itself since the top was off.  That was a good lesson learned. I found that the periodic spikes is our sump pump.  The biggest take away is it makes you a better consumer. We average about 1100 watts and so now I know what to look for if it is any higher than that, excluding sump pump and hot tub.”

Sue G.

“I was at first skeptical about this product, but in just a few days I’ve already seen the benefits of it. I am more conscious about my energy usage as I watch my consumption and realize what I can do differently to conserve energy and save money. I’m really excited to refer this to my friends and family, so that we can use our savings for fine wine and nice dinners.”

Amazon Customer

“I have had the Emporia Vue in my home for over a week now. It has provided so much insight as to our energy consumption and what/when energy is burned needlessly. It has definitely influenced me and changed how we will consume energy in the future. This means cost savings for my home. There is power [savings] in this information! Thanks Emporia for helping me be a more informed consumer and alerting me to anomalies in my power consumption so I can fix issues proactively.”

Ron D.

“love this app and hardware. about time I have an easy to use energy monitor.”

Modefi S.

“This is a terrific app.  It allows me to monitor our home energy usage, real time…and learn how to save money with that data.  I can clearly see the energy spikes when any of our major appliances are in use.  The bar-chart data lets me spot the trends over a normal day and week, and make changes.  In fact, I noticed a strange energy spike as soon as I set up the app that was occurring every 10 minutes.  It turns out, the coffee maker was the culprit and it was re-heating the water reserve every 10 minutes, during the day and night — so, I now keep the coffee maker turned off unless I am are using it.  I highly recommend this app.”

Jay C.

“I recently installed the new Emporia Vue Universal Connector to my breaker box, and I am extremely happy with the results and the product.  The entire installation process took me approximately 15 minutes from start to finish including the app download and registration.  The supplied instructions were very straight forward and allowed me, a self-confessed do-it-yourselfer, to easily install the hardware.  Upon opening the box, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the Emporia Vue.  It is well made and sturdy.  Immediately upon registering the device I started to receive data on my home energy usage and discovered ways to better my energy consumption to save money.  With the immediate energy consumption feedback via the app, I find myself looking for ways to conserve energy on a daily basis.  I have an android phone and the download of the app via the Google Play Store was quick and without issue.  I am very impressed with the Emporia Vue and would highly recommend it to my friends and family.”

Donald R.

“Fantastic view of your home energy usage. I love having an instantaneous view of my current home energy usage. I was surprised by the change in power consumption when watching the usage chart as I turned on and off items throughout my house. My kids were finally able to see the benefits of turning off lights when they leave the room. I am beginning to identify which appliances are running just by watching the charts. I have become addicted to checking my energy usage, even when I am not at home.”


“What a great app. The Emporia Energy app coupled with the Emporia Vue Universal Connect is the best system I have used to monitor and reduce my energy usage. Easy to install and set up, I highly recommend this app and Vue Universal Connector.”

Donald R.