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Navigating the Latest Energy Transition

The energy landscape in the US is changing rapidly — and not for the first time. Understanding this context helps us all with the transition.

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Consumer Challenges in Energy Management

Consumers face confusion and challenges in energy management. Gain insight and learn about strategies for saving money in the upcoming energy transition.

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Utility Meters

Utilities place meters in our homes for their billing benefit. But advents in technology mean that we consumers could also benefit. Learn how!

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Understand Your Utility Bill

Jargon often impedes our ability to understand utility bills. But a simple analogy helps reduce confusion and sets us on the path towards energy savings.

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The Argument for Customizing Energy Choices

Control vs. Choice Though sharing many commonalities with others, we proudly affirm what makes us unique!  Sometimes we don’t control all aspects of our individuality.…

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The Smart Home Energy Management Solution
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The Emporia Smart Energy Home Platform

Emporia’s smart energy platform marries thoughtfully designed hardware and software. The result: IoT capability that benefits energy consumers and independent home service businesses alike.

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Emporia Vue
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Emporia Hardware Options

Emporia provides two options for hardware to access your real-time electricity data. Learn which is best for delivering usage data all the way to your phone!

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