How our Smart Home Energy Management Solution Works

The Emporia Vue is the Smart Home Energy Management Solution that installs easily in your home to help you understand and manage your energy use and make your home more energy efficient through a simple iOS or Android app.

How Emporia Works

The Emporia Vue:

  • Monitors your energy and sends real-time data to the cloud
  • Analyzes your usage and appliance health data with deep learning
  • Presents data, analysis, and actionable recommendations through the Emporia app

Two Energy Management Solutions

Utility Connect

In select markets, connect Emporia to smart meters wirelessly*

Emporia Vue: Utility Connect Operation

Universal Connect

Our universal solution connects directly to electrical panels

Emporia Vue: Universal Connect Installation

* The Emporia Vue Utility Connect can wirelessly connect to smart meters from some utilities in CA, HI, IL, PA, TX, and VT

Smart Home Energy Management options

Emporia offers the Vue with two options. Either one will give you insight and peace of mind — Preventing Costly Repairs! Conserving Energy! Saving Money!

Universal Connect

Emporia offers a universal solution that connects directly to the electric panel in ANY home. This solution works in all of the markets covered by the Utility Connect. It is also a great choice to avoid working with your energy utility.

  • Installs inside electric panel of ANY home
  • Requires professional installation
  • Granular 1-second data interval
  • Operates regardless of your utility
  • Can be paired with an additional module to monitor individual circuits

Emporia Vue: Universal Connect

Utility Connect

The Vue can connect wirelessly to some utility smart meters in California, Hawaii, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont. This option will work for somewhere between 20 and 40 million homeowners in the US.  This system installs simply by plugging into a wall outlet, but does require setup through your local energy utility.

  • Connects wirelessly to your utility meter
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation
  • 5- to 8-second data interval
  • Requires activation through your utility
  • Monitors whole home energy usage — does not monitor individual circuits.

Emporia Vue: Utility Connect