Get a Real-Time Home Energy Monitor for Only $24.99 after SCE Rebate

  • Find out what impacts your electric bill
  • Cut your energy costs
  • See your energy use in real time:
    • What’s the cost to run my dryer?
    • How much to charge my car?
    • What can I save by conserving power?

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Learn more about the Vue: Utility Connect
  2. Purchase your Vue: Utility Connect from
  3. Download your rebate form.
  4. Plug the Vue in any outlet in your home within 75 feet of your SCE smart meter.
  5. Install the Emporia app for Android or iPhone to set up your Vue.
  6. Go to to register the Vue as a Home Area Network device with SCE and collect your rebate.
  7. Use the Emporia app to take control of your home’s energy use!