Product Guide for the Emporia Store

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Product Guide for the Emporia Store

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Emporia Energy proudly dedicates its efforts to helping households make wise choices for their energy dollars.  Towards that end, we have invested heavily in building our Vue platform for consumers to measure and manage electricity.  And, with hardware prices starting at a low $49.99, we have worked hard to make that platform available to all! We have also sought to build lots of flexibility into the platform. This means that consumers have choices around hardware with which to configure their Vue systems. To assist customers with purchasing, Emporia has assembled this product guide.

Product Mix and Store Purpose

Emporia’s platform puts energy insight at your fingertips. Information flows to mobile devices in near real time thanks to the hardware installed in homes. In order to serve customers across different markets, Emporia offers several hardware configurations within its product mix. Conveniently, all products are easily purchased on the Emporia store. There, Emporia has also added other WiFi-connected, energy-related devices. The goal for consumers remains: to save money, increase efficiency, and mitigate impact on climate.

The following product guide table summarizes Emporia’s offerings. Further reading follows this guide table to lend additional color to the product mix.



What it is

Whom It’s For

Installation Requirements

Emporia Vue Whole Home


System including:

  • One (1) Vue monitor and
  • Two (2) 200A sensors

Customers seeking high-level insight for electricity usage and solar net metering for their entire home with a one-time payment; available either in the Emporia Shop or on Amazon.

  • 200A sensors must clamp over main leads (max diameter of 24 mm) inside main or sub panel; leads in main panels are always live!
  • The Wi-Fi antenna must extend through a punch in the panel.
  • All other components may be housed either inside or outside the panel, depending on customer preference.

Vue with Expansion Module and 8 Sensors


System including:

  • One (1) Vue monitor;
  • Two (2) 200A sensors;
  • One (1) Expansion Module; and
  • Eight (8) 50A sensors

Customers seeking high-level insight for electricity usage and solar net metering for their entire home AND additional, specific usage or generation detail for up to eight (8) individual circuits with a one-time payment; available either in the Emporia Shop or on Amazon.

  • 200A sensors must clamp over main leads (max diameter of 24 mm) inside main or sub panel; leads in main panels are always live!
  • 50A sensors must clamp over wire leads in the panel for each circuit to be monitored (at this time, two sensors are required for 240V circuits).
  • The Wi-Fi antenna must extend through a punch in the panel.
  • All other components may be housed either inside or outside the panel, depending on customer preference.

12V AC Power Adapter for Vue


An alternate method for supplying power to the Vue monitor

Customers with a power receptacle near their panel and who prefer the added convenience of plugging in rather than hardwiring.  Available exclusively in the Emporia Shop.

Wall-mounted or extension cord receptacle within about five feet of the Vue monitor.

Expansion Module and 8 Sensors


A module easily added onto the Vue monitor with eight (8) 50A sensors for individual circuits

Customers seeking to augment their Vue monitor with additional, specific detail individual circuits; eight (8) sensors are included in this package.  Available in the Emporia Shop or on Amazon.

A previously-installed Vue Whole Home monitor.

200A 3-Phase Current Sensor


A single additional 200A sensor for the Vue monitor

Customers who need an additional sensor to monitor a third power phase.  Typically, this requirement applies to light commercial and certain international customers.  Available exclusively in the Emporia Shop.

A Vue Whole Home monitor with or without an Expansion Module.

Pollution Reduction Offsets

$5.99 to $99.99

Various sized carbon credits conveniently sized to offset a number of consumer activities

Customers who wish to apply a portion of their energy savings from using the Vue towards mitigating their environmental impact.  Available exclusively in the Emporia Shop.

An understanding of the impact of energy use on Earth’s atmosphere.

Emporia’s Flagship Product: the Vue

It all starts with a simple device, the Vue. The Vue provides you just that: a direct view into how your home uses and generates electricity — at the very moment you use it! You can enjoy this view while on your phone or tablet. Anytime. Anywhere. And the mobile app lets you choose how to frame your view, either by time or by units used to measure. It also allows you to access historical usage and to export data to your desktop.

Double Vision: Two Vue Device Types

Emporia’s product mix includes two devices to gather initial data and guide consumer choices. The first device is the Vue [Whole Home], whose sensors measure the flow of electricity. The second device, the Vue [Smart Meter Bridge], translates and passes along digital data from a smart meter. Although they collect information by different methods, they use a common interface for the consumer: the Emporia app.

For Most of Us: the Vue [Whole Home]

All houses with electricity have breaker panels. These panels typically receive power from utility meters, solar panels and batteries, and distribute it to the many circuits serving rooms and equipment in our homes, with any generated excess going back to the grid. Larger houses may even use sub-panels to help distribute electricity effectively.

The Vue [Whole Home] fits easily into most breaker panels. The system includes two (2) 200A sensors and a monitor. The sensors clamp around the panel main feeds to provide readings to the monitor by way of connected audio jacks. The monitor then sends 1-second data through household Wi-Fi to Emporia’s cloud server and ultimately to your mobile device.

As implied, this system captures information for the entire home’s energy use. In other words, it monitors total usage from all circuits simultaneously. It also measures generation in the form of net metering, showing you when you are generating excess energy that goes back to the grid. The Emporia app then provides this information in a way that allows users to evaluate usage and generation and learn to recognize patterns. Consequently, this system suits customers seeking high-level insight for electricity usage over their entire home — at a low, low price. This information then helps users identify opportunities to save money, conserve energy, and limit environmental impact.

The product guide table above shows that the Vue [Whole Home] can be purchased outright on either the Emporia Store or on Amazon. Regardless, the only cost is for hardware; your data is always yours, always free!

For Some of Us: the Vue [Smart Meter Bridge]

In some markets, particularly those in California and Texas, many consumers have so-called “smart” (or AMI) utility meters. Many of these meters include the ability to send usage data via a secure wireless protocol. In such cases, it is possible to bridge meter readings over Wi-Fi, sending data to the Emporia cloud. From there, users simply access information using the Emporia app.

For this application, Emporia created the Vue [Smart Meter Bridge]. Whereas the Vue [Whole Home] system installs in breaker panels, the Vue [Smart Meter Bridge] only requires a wall outlet. With this easier installation, customers receive usage data every 5 to 10 seconds. This data density enables excellent consumer insight. Nevertheless, it admittedly lacks the full clarity of the the breaker-panel Vue. Such is the price of convenience! Look for the Vue [Smart Meter Bridge] to be available Q1 2020!

Flexible Add-on Components

The Expansion Module

Following their first true view into energy use, consumers often crave greater detail. Where once 12 data points per year from their electric company sufficed, they now crave data even beyond 3600 points per hour! Such customers benefit greatly by adding an Expansion Module to their Vue.

The Expansion Module allows you to tune into specific circuits in your home. Perhaps you are interested in seeing how much that extra fridge in the garage costs you. Or perhaps you’d like to confirm you remembered to turn off your oven. The Expansion Module can help you in both cases. Further, it can monitor expensive equipment like HVAC and assure you that your sump pump continues to protect your home! The Module can also connect to your incoming solar to measure how much energy you are generating.

Referring back to the product guide table, we note that as a standalone product, the Expansion Module can only be purchased on the Emporia Store. There, customers can also buy the Vue [Whole Home] combined with 8-sensor Expansion Module kits — and can be found for purchased on Amazon as well.

Other Ways to Customize Your Vue

Emporia truly has worked hard to provide flexibility. Would you prefer powering your Vue with a wall outlet? We offer an AC plug. Maybe you would like to use the Vue for a 3-phase system? Yep, you can purchase a third Vue main sensor. And for the environmentally conscious, we also offer carbon offset credits to mitigate the impact of the electricity that powers your home.

Per our product guide table, all are available on our store — and all at reasonable pricing!

Great Service ALWAYS Comes with Your Purchase

We trust that this product guide has helped you better understand our offerings. However, we would like to stress that beyond our products, we have committed to giving exceptional customer service: 

  • Our app delivers real-time data to any mobile device, any time; 
  • Our developers upgrade features in response to customers; and
  • Our team members answer your questions by chat, email, FAQ, or telephone.

Additionally, if you happen to be located in the area of our offices in Littleton, Colorado, we even offer professional installation. Our team of HVAC techs and electricians can set up your Vue quickly, easily, and affordably!

We believe that the combination of value and service makes the Emporia Vue an easy choice for the informed energy consumer.  We therefore look forward to your purchase and a chance to work with you. Join our movement and learn how monitoring energy benefits your bottom line, your home’s efficiency, and the environment all at once!