The call of better stewardship of our environment speaks to many of us for gaining a home with a Vue.  The Vue platform from Emporia Energy gives owners and renters insight into the impact of their energy decisions.  Better yet, it provides a convenient means for offsetting that impact through purchase of carbon offsets.  Learn how to mitigate your home’s energy use in the responsible manner you know is right.  You can either start with the most detailed, cornerstone article for this category or browse the other titles as you prefer!

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The Emporia Smart Energy Home System

The transition to clean energy is well underway! Energy generation through solar and wind are higher than ever. Our cars are becoming electrified. Soon, we…

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Image of watch on wrist, indicating that it is time to pay attention to sustainability and the environment
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Sustainability and the Environment: It’s Time We All Do Our Part

We may feel it hard to do our part for sustainability and the environment. However, such feelings need not lead to inaction!

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Diagram showing sources and uses of energy in US economy, which aids awareness for impact on the environment
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Energy Awareness at Home: Your Best Step for the Environment

As much as the US economy produces and uses lots of energy, it wastes even more! Learn what you can do to improve energy awareness for the environment.

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Image of Earth and its atmosphere with superimposed words I Care to illustrate why we should care about our environment
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It’s High Time to Connect Energy Use to Care About the Environment

The connection between monitoring energy use and care about the environment launched our company — and could benefit you as well!

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Artistic image showing some of the best LED bulbs for a home
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Best LED Bulbs to Replace in Your Home

Towards helping its Vue customers achieve greatest energy savings, Emporia provides this short, easy list of best LED bulbs to replace costly, old bulbs.

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How to Offset Carbon Easily Using the Emporia Vue

Awareness around climate change compels many to reduce carbon impact. The Emporia Vue helps you measure and offset carbon easily!

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