For some, greater energy efficiency speaks loudly for gaining a home with a Vue.  The Vue platform from Emporia Energy gives owners and renters the real-time data necessary to avoid wasted energy.  Manage your home’s energy use like the professional you are by reading the posts below.  You can either start with the most detailed, cornerstone article for this category or jump right to the titles most appealing to you!

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Who Benefits from Utility Meters?

Utilities place meters in our homes for their billing benefit. But advents in technology mean that we consumers could also benefit. Learn how!

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Save Money and Realize Benefits with Real-time Energy Data

Savings benefits accrue from regular access to energy data in real time. This post references research to establish Emporia’s savings range of 3% to 13%.

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Save Money with Thermostats for Energy Savings

Smart technology has greatly improved our ability to use thermostats for energy savings. Learn how the right thermostat could save you over 20% on energy.

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How Many Reasons Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Multiple reasons justify the decision to change out a traditional incandescent light bulb in favor of LED technology. Be cool and make the switch!

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