The Emporia Smart Energy Home Platform

The Smart Home Energy Management Solution

The Emporia Smart Energy Home Platform

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We at Emporia Energy seek to teach consumers how to use energy wisely. We therefore designed our Emporia Vue platform to serve as the centralized energy management nexus for connected homes.  The platform comprises both hardware and software components. With installed hardware, the platform connects home electricity data to cloud-based logic built to deliver savings to consumers. Think of us as an IoT company geared towards your in-home energy assets!

Together, hardware and software components deliver energy data and customized recommendations to mobile devices via Emporia’s app.  In the process, the Emporia Vue puts consumers in control by providing secure information related to:

Lasting Value in the Face of Change

Because of its customizable format, the Emporia Vue delivers value to consumers regardless of their location, energy provider, status as a property owner or renter, or current level of home automation.  Further, Emporia’s Vue anticipates continued significant change in the energy landscape and commits to acting in the consumer’s interest as these changes take increasing hold in the marketplace.

How To Benefit

We at Emporia strive to partner with consumers and business owners during this latest tech and energy transition. The goal is better to measure and manage energy use. Along the way, we also pledge to deliver insight and savings. Further, Emporia provides independent home services companies with a way to build their brand using IoT technology.

1) Try Emporia’s Software

Emporia’s app is now live on both the App Store and Google Play. We encourage users to download a demo version of this app and to provide feedback. Please feel free to suggest new capabilities or features!

2) Reserve Your Discount on the Emporia Vue

With respect to hardware, we have built prototypes for both devices. Further, we have initiated testing on the AMI bridge for certification with the ZigBee Alliance. We have also designed enclosures and will deliver our first hardware in Q2 2019.

To encourage early interest, Emporia offers a 75% discount coupon to those who register prior to the end of Q2. No obligation. And no purchase necessary — though we are confident you will want to use it.

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