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Emporia Hardware Options

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Emporia provides options for hardware to access your real-time electricity data. Immediately, Emporia offers hardware to install behind your home’s main breaker box. This solution provides the highest grade of data and allows an upgrade to monitor individual circuits. As soon as late summer 2019, Emporia intends also to offer wireless connection to a smart (“AMI”) meter. Although in man ways a less versatile solution, this second choice of Emporia hardware options will only be available in certain markets. Therefore in most cases, users will be best served by Emporia’s currently available solution.

This approach directly measures electrical current from your main electrical panel. This data then passes through your Wi-Fi, ultimately providing access to data on your phone.

Emporia’s Two Solutions

The current Emporia Vue relies upon a CT-based transmitter to send data through Wi-Fi to cloud services. Interestingly, this device may be used even in the so-called ZigBee markets described below. Consequently, we consider this hardware configuration to be “universal.” It is also a great choice for those who may wish to avoid working through a utility to gain data access. That said, like all other analog solutions described here in Method #2, it does require installation behind the breaker panel. 

This installation is depicted in the illustration below. Although Emporia provides detailed instructions for homeowners to complete their own installation, many users will likely opt to use a qualified electrician.

Emporia Vue: Universal Connect Installation

In the future, Emporia will offer a solution that involves somewhat lower-touch installation. But only in certain markets. Where utilities offer ZigBee wireless AMI connectivity, Emporia will provides a solution to convert the ZigBee signal into data passed through Wi-Fi to cloud services. By our best estimation, this option will work for somewhere between 20 and 40 million consumers in the US.  This device delivers relative ease of physical installation, but does require interfacing with the utility for on-boarding. 

Emporia Vue: Utility Connect Operation

Benefit to Consumers

Recall that hardware only represents one part of Emporia’s platform. As the other component, software provides the real value-add to consumers. In brief, Emporia’s app is easy to use and attractive. Further, it recommends how best to save money and resources. To meet this objective, Emporia evaluates not only demand-side usage, but also supply-side costs and sources for energy.  No other system considers both sides of the energy equation. No other system can provide this level of insight to consumers. All in the interest of saving consumers money and reducing carbon.

Photograph of a consumer using Emporia Energy's mobile app to measure and manage energy use.
Emporia’s app to measure and manage energy use.

In three easy steps, consumers can gain control of their energy spending:

  1. Download Emporia’s app
  2. Purchase and install the Emporia Vue
  3. Follow Emporia’s recommendations for saving money and pollution

Prepare for the Transition!

We at Emporia seek to partner with consumers during this latest US energy transition. The goal is better to measure and manage energy use. Along the way, we also pledge to provide insight and savings. We are a young company, eager to share what we have developed so far! We are further motivated to receive feedback on what we have already built.

Here’s how you can join — in three easy steps:

1) Try Emporia’s Software

With respect to software, Emporia’s app is now live on both the App Store and Google Play. We encourage users to download a demo version of this app and to provide feedback. Please feel free to suggest new capabilities or features!

2) Purchase the Emporia Vue

The CT-based Vue is available now. Click here to purchase!

3) Reap the Rewards of Success

Simply put, Emporia seeks to put consumers in control of their energy data regardless of hardware options. By viewing this data in real time, consumers can expect to save between 3% and 13% through awareness and simple conservation. However, Emporia has established the bold goal of saving consumers up to 50% on energy spending over time. Consumers will achieve this level of savings through a combination of app-recommended strategies that will compound over time. Better yet, these opportunities for savings will only increase as utilities proceed further into the renewable-energy transition.

Think about it:

  • Extra money in your pocket — month after month
  • No more nagging concerns about wasting money and energy
  • Comfort in knowing that your benefits also help the planet

Emporia sees this confluence of interests as the ultimate win-win — and hopes you will as well. Please join us!