Devices for Gathering Electricity Data in Real Time

Devices for Gathering Electricity Data in Real Time

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The Incumbents

What devices are available today for monitoring electricity data in real time? Although several different flavors of energy monitors exist, only devices based on current transformer (CT) clamps apply “universally.”  Several options exist as evidenced in a sample comparison table from EnergySage to highlight various CT-based options. 

At $400, the Curb system (which offers a whopping 18 CT clamps!) anchors the high price point and high complexity for these options.  In contrast, at $140 – $180, the Efergy system offers a more standard two CT clamps, but lower data resolution.  Somewhere in the middle at $300, Sense arguably presents the greatest brand recognition. However, customer reviews indicate that device recognition may remain elusive, with many users reporting significant noise in identifying appliances.

Two New Devices for Electricity Data in Real Time!

Recently, a new entrant has emerged in the market: Emporia Energy.

Rather than exclusively offering hardware, Emporia has focused on developing an entire platform to help consumers realize energy savings: the Vue Smart Energy Home System

In the interest of consumer choice, Emporia has developed two hardware devices for generating electricity data in real time. These devices meet the needs for two different markets. 

Device #1: The Universal Solution: CT Clamps

For most markets (including even those with available ZigBee capability as discussed below), Emporia offers a CT-based solution that transmits via WiFi.  This hardware can be used in most any home and requires no action from the utility.  However, like other solutions in the table above, it must be installed behind the breaker panel. 

Device #2: The AMI ZigBee Option: No Wires, Minimal Installation (available Fall 2019!)

For markets where utilities have installed ZigBee wireless AMI connectivity, Emporia has a bridge for taking that wireless signal through WiFi.  This device minimizes physical installation, but does require the utility for on-boarding. Click here for more insight into these markets.

Key Differences

Emporia’s platform offers key advantages over other incumbent offerings.


No other device exists for less than $100 — except the Emporia Vue. This low price is anchored by Emporia’s commitment to deliver the greatest value to consumers possible.

Install Options

As indicated above, the CT-based Vue is installed behind a home’s main electrical panel. This installation can be achieved either by a homeowner or by a qualified electrician. For added convenience to those choosing to install without an electrician, Emporia offers the choice to power Vue hardware using a nearby outlet rather than “hardwiring” inside the panel.

Access to Real-time Data — Real Fast

Emporia has worked hard to develop an app that provides both convenience and detail. The CT-based Vue shows data for every second of home electricity use, updated in two-second intervals on the app. Users can then pan out to examine data at increments of one minute, quarter hour, hour, day, month, and year. All the while, choosing whether to view data in terms of Watts, dollars, gallons of gasoline, car miles driven, carbon used, or trees required for offset.

Innovative Co-branding Opportunity

If you are a provider of home services, Emporia offers a powerful tool to help grow your business. Specifically, Emporia partners can develop stronger connections using the same IoT strategy of large technology companies.

Convenient Carbon Offsetting

With real-time data and notifications, the Vue system empowers users to save money and energy. However, at some point we still must use power. And we therefore contribute to carbon pollution. Emporia makes it easy and convenient to offset this impact.

Emporia’s Vue: More Than Just Devices for Electrical Data in Real Time

So, for its price the Emporia Vue packs a lot of punch! The Vue system offers unparalleled value and performance. However, beyond these attributes, the Vue delivers opportunities both to home service providers and consumers concerned about their impact on the planet. It also promises over time to deliver both demand- and supply-side data. This means that recommendations for energy savings will consider more than conservation. Rather, they will also give insight into real-time costs and fuel used for energy.  No other system considers both sides of the energy equation – all in the interest of saving consumers money and reducing carbon.

In a phrase, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  So forge into the energy transition with Emporia; we look forward to the journey!