• June 5, 2019

Best LED Bulbs to Replace in Your Home

Artistic image showing some of the best LED bulbs for a home

Best LED Bulbs to Replace in Your Home

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Emporia Energy is committed to providing convenience for users of its Vue Smart Home Energy Management System. But even if you have yet to purchase your Vue at breakthrough pricing, Emporia wants to assist your energy efficiency efforts. As such, we have curated this Best Bets LED list to help you make the right choice to replace outmoded, costly bulbs. All bulbs on this list are available in our store. There, you can also find other energy-related products to help save you money. For your benefit, we provide a brief description of key attributes and hints for usage with each product.

Please click here if you would like further, general information on LED lighting. There, you can find a handy calculator for homeowners to identify specific bulbs for replacement. However, beyond savings, households will enjoy many other benefits of using LED bulbs: lower operating cost, improved lighting, longer life, and the ability to select color warmth!

Emporia’s Top Four LED Replacement Bulbs

Replacement for “standard” 60-W A19 lamp bulb (non-dimmable) from Sylvania

Like all LEDs, this bulb provides plenty of brightness at about an 85% energy savings over incandescent bulbs. Although the unit price on these bulbs is really attractive, please note that they are not to be used with a dimming switch. From a recognized leading name in lighting.

Replacement for “standard” 60-W A19 lamp bulb (dimmable) from AmazonBasics

A slightly higher price point for the added functionality of dimming, but still easily makes our best bets LED bulbs list!

Replacement for “standard” 65-W flood bulb (dimmable) from Sunco Lighting

Replacing flood lights in interior cans can save money not only on electricity, but on heating and air conditioning as well. Many homes have significant airflow through cans in contact with attic space. The lower heat output from these LED replacements allows homeowners to seal those cans against airflow. The longer life also means pulling out your step-ladder less often!

Replacement for LED undercounter G8 (dimmable) from Zeefo

We LOVE the idea of replacing G8 bulbs, since they typically displace screaming hot halogens! As a pro hint, be aware that these bulbs are slightly larger than the halogens — so check to be sure your fixtures have just a little extra room before ordering. We haven’t seen a case where this limitation applies yet, but we strive to be thorough!