About Emporia Energy

Emporia Energy was founded by Shawn McLaughlin after a career that included building a tech platform to assist energy delivery. Shawn has since focused on electricity — a sector undergoing rapid change due to renewables, electric vehicles, and smart meters.

Shawn foresaw that these trends could benefit consumers. But only if they managed energy use with easy, inexpensive access to real-time data! The problem: this technology didn’t yet exist. To address this gap, Shawn launched Emporia Energy. Not only did he seek to develop apt technology, but also to start a truly different kind of company. Believing that great businesses create products to inspire customers and improve the world, Shawn devised Emporia’s four pillars:

  1. Customer satisfaction drives all decisions
  2. Product optimization will occur relentlessly
  3. Innovation will regularly expand product offerings
  4. Emporia’s products will improve how humans consume resources

With this vision for the company, Shawn put his experience to work building a team to develop something ground-breaking and meaningful. The resulting Emporia Vue combines hardware and software to deliver energy usage data and recommendations through an intuitive app. Throughout the process, Emporia sought to improve upon the best features of previous products, while keeping costs to a minimum. In this manner, Emporia strives to help homeowners use energy data to daily advantage by:

  • Protecting electronics, appliances, heating, and AC with 24/7 monitoring
  • Saving money with timely, actionable alerts
  • Conserving energy through access to real-time data